How to Look Good in a Sexy Shirt

Did you know that there is a proven research that how you dress has a drastic impact on your confidence and how you think? We are living in modern times where looks actually matter and you can be judged by your look which is really sad, right? Everyone wants to look good and sexy or what we call ‘dress to kill’ because of the continued social media influence or even as a lifestyle. Different body types have different look on different types of clothes and that is why it is good to know what type of an outfit brings the best out of you.

Sexy Shirt

Shirts are the most popular clothing piece because of their easy to get and they are considered attractive. They can be worn at any age and look really good on the wearer and not forgetting they can be worn at any occasion. If you are wondering how you can look even better on your favorite sexy shirt then here are some tips:

  • Casual shirts look even better when left hanging on tall girls because of the longer legs effect while short girls look greater when they have tucked in the skirt or pants.
  • Nothing can get sexier than unbuttoned neckline. This applies to both men and women. Girls with small breast look much better on unbuttoned neckline.
  • To girls who have big breasts, avoid wearing shirts that are very tight on the chest area. The buttons should close naturally without a sign of straining or leaving a space.
  • There is just a thing with folded shirt sleeves that makes someone look extremely smart and sexy. Rolling sleeves slightly below or above the elbow is a sign of fashion etiquette to both and women.
  • The days of too tight shirts are over with loose shirts becoming the new trend just like the ‘’boyfriend shirt’’ style which many ladies never return after borrowing. If you are uncomfortable with loose shirt then try your size.
  • I know it has been a tradition that white is the color to go for but surprisingly not everyone looks great on white. If you want to get that sexy look try many different colors as possible until you get the perfect color that looks great on you.
  • Another trick that spices your look is tucking in your shirt halfway. This is done by only tucking in the front part and leaving the back part hanging loose.



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