How to Wear Wide Leg Pants in Casual and OL Style?

Whether you’re a fashion fanatic or the lady who dresses to just cover their body, wide leg pants are a must have on your wardrobe! Wide leg pants are basically pants that are not body hugging. This pants are very comfortable. They are currently trending and can be worn as casual wear or official wear and in almost any weather depending on how you wear it. Let me share some tips with you.

Casual style

If you want to wear women wide leg pants casually, there is nothing easier than it. First easy trick to wear wide leg pants casually is to combine it with a simple T-shirt. For example, you can combine a black wide leg pants with a white T-shirt, which look simple but fashionable. And you can also combine it with a tank top,which may be one of the most comfortable dressing in summer.

women wide leg pants Besides, to wear wide leg pants casually, you can also choose a wide leg pants made of jeans. The fabric jeans always give us a sense of casualty. Combining it with T-shirt or tank top also good trick to wear wide leg pants. As for foot wear, I think you can choose flat shoes and sneakers, which add spicy to your casual style dressing.

women wide leg pants OL style

Office lady also love Womens Loose Trousers because it is comfortable to wear. Of course, it is also very easy to wear. In order to wear wide leg pants in OL style, you’d better choose a top made of chiffon which seems more formal. Easily, you can combine it with flora chiffon tank top, or you can also combine it with a shirt,which is also a good choice for you to wear it in a OL style. Please if you want to wear women wide leg pants in the OL style, you should try to choose ones whose fabrics look formal. For example, the fabrics used to make suits may be a good choice for you. Beside, you should try to avoid the fabrics like jeans ,corduroy and other fabrics that looks casual.

 Womens Loose TrousersAs for foot wear, high heels would be the preferred shoes for this look for example stilettos, peep toe, pumps or even platforms.Do you get it? Follow my tips, you will be easily get a chic look with wide leg pants. So action quickly to pick up your wide leg pant so as to become the fashion icon, come on.



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