Japanese Fashion Trends That Will Change Your Wardrobe

If you are a fashion enthusiastic person, then you are aware that Tokyo is a hub of style and culture. From how they play around with colors to exaggerated proportions, one thing that most Japanese trends have in common is that they’re centered on self-expression, community, and, most importantly, taking risks think mixing and matching prints or kitschy accessories.

If you’re curious about Japanese fashion dresses, below is a compiled list of the best Japanese street fashion trends that will widen your fashion prospects.

Short suits

short suits

This is a summer outfit. It’s getting hotter outside wearing long pants is starting to get a little uncomfortable. Short suits are the way to go. If you’re shy that you might not be able to pull it off, why not start with a neutral tone short? And grow gradually into them. The short suit is versatile and can be worn on any occasion. If you are going for an official look, consider the length of the shorts. Then, style this with a stylish official blouse and a pair of comfortable heels. You’ll see how easy it is to style the short suit and give you the #bossmode look.

Shirt dresses

shirt dresses

A shirt dress is a must-have summer wardrobe. If you are a fashionista, you should own at least one shirt dress because,

  1. a) It is one of those pieces that will never go out of style.
  2. b) It is super versatile. It can be worn either as an official outfit or a casual outfit.

If hard to go wrong with a shirt dress when accessorized with jewelry and heels and trousers for an official look. And when paired with sneakers and a sling bag, it gives a super cool casual look. If you’re not too keen on the oversized style, you can always style it with a belt to create a killer waistline.

Minimalist and Basic Fast Fashion

Minimalist and Basic Fast Fashion

It is safe to say that not all Japanese outfits are as colorful and wild as the examples above. The new trend in the world is becoming minimalist in a lot of life happenings including fashion. This trendy wear was brought about by Japanese mega fashion brands like Uniqlo and Muji. It has been said that these companies are slowly killing the country’s sense of street colorful fashion, while some people say that it’s making Japan’s fashion identity known in the world of fashion. It has a calm and cool feel to it and involves neutral colors.


Sometimes the best way to evolve your style is to dive into different cultures around the world.  Japan is well known for innovation in so many areas and fashion is one of them. Therefore if you’re bored with your wardrobe, consider drawing inspiration from the Japanese aesthetic And when it comes to fashion, there’s no country better to learn from than from the Japanese.Their motto is, Dress, to express not impress!




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