Key Points for 2016 Resort Style

Are you still following Autumn/Winter trends for 2015? You will be a little out-of-date since 2016 resort style collection is released one by one. More often than not, you maybe think that that season seems to be far away from us. However, in the fashion field, they have already begun selection and purchase or special report and so on. In that case, why not have a preview at these key trends for 2016 women fashion resort style? It will help you win at the starting lines.

1. Pink


A set of pink wearing is certain to be especially popular. According to that pink is especially popular in this summer, you can forecast that pink will continue its popularity based on another ways.

pink pink pink pink pink

2. Off-Shoulder


Wearing off-shoulder clothes mean that winter is far away from us. Not only in summer but also in spring, you can just put this sexy and romantic wearing on.

off-shoulder off-shoulder off-shoulder off-shoulder

3. Rainbow


The colorful rainbow is also the focus. Fill with sweet and gorgeous feeling, rainbow color will be worthy for you to put on. Rainbow impression on this year’s runways just gives you a fore show.

rainbow rainbow rainbow rainbow

4. Light Pink

light pink

Fresh and cool white is particularly popular in this year. However, in the next year, light pink will be the new prevalent color, replacing the white one.

light pink light pink light pinklight pink

5. Black & White

black & white

Expect for the classical and never-be-out-of-date impressions, the collocation of black and white can also show you the refreshing looks, especially the stripe patterns.

black & white black & white black & white

black & white black & white black & white

6. Basic Coats

basic coats

You may think that it is your basic coats in winter. That is may not the one that you think. What these coats show you is romantic and eye-catching temperament filled with spring and summer aura.

basic coats basic coats basic coats basic coats basic coats

7. Falbala


Ruffle decorations on any part of wears make you have more sense of femininity. Putting it on can make you look filled with romantic and elegant temperament at once.


Falbala Falbala Falbala

8. Pleat


The taste of spring can be worn out by elegant and delicate pleated clothes.

pleats pleats pleats pleats

9. Flares


Different kinds of flares will be looked much neater and spiffier.

flares flares flares flares

10. Latin Impressions

latin impressions

Floral printed attires with strong Latin feeling are undoubtedly your best choice for vacations.

latin impressions latin impressions latin impressions latin impressions

Just keep all these important points in your mind!


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