Layer Tips Inspired by Marc Jacobs.


Layering your clothing is a great way to add visual interest to your outfits and at the same time keep you comfortable during the spring season. There are many layer tips on the internet but we will only look at the tips inspired by Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs is a renowned American fashion designer. He has received several awards in reference to his spectacular work in fashion design. One thing that is constant in Marc Jacob’s work is layering; no one layers like Marc Jacobs. Here are layering tips from the fashion designer you can apply to your wardrobe.

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  1. Double-Jacket:

For this look, to pick up one of your favorite short or relatively long cheap dresses, and then have a leather jacket on top of the dress. The leather ought to complete the dress, so choose a color that goes with the dress. Then, on top of the leather jacket add a lightweight jacket, preferably long; like a coat. The leather will look good beneath the lightweight jacket and you will keep toasty throughout. You can get rid of the lightweight jacket just in case it gets hot.

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  1. Pile:

For this look, one starts with a simple mid-calf dress. On top of the cheap dress, add a lightweight jacket, then on top of the lightweight jacket, throw in your coat. For good measure add a beanie, but this is optional. When it gets hot dump the jackets. The dress will be just fine on its own.

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  1. Relatively Few Layers:

This look simply requires bike, shorts, a sleeveless crop top, a turtleneck, a cheap dress, socks, and shoes. The bike shorts and the sleeveless crop top come first; ensure both are lightweight since you can’t get rid of them in case it becomes hot. On top of the crop top, wear a turtleneck and a cheap dress; preferably mid-calf long. Complete the look with a pair of relatively long socks and a pair of the canvas. A leather jacket also comes in handy; get rid of it when it gets hot.

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  1. All Up Top:

This look entails leaving your legs bare and concentrates on the top only. So only do this if your legs are fine with cold breezes. For this look, one requires knee-length socks, a shirt dress, a long jacket (long) and a furry vest. When it gets hot you can get rid of the jacket and the vest. The look is quite amazing only that it might be not so good for your legs when it gets too cold.

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With this and other Marc Jacob’s inspired layering tips, you can go out looking really good besides the unreliable spring weather.


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