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As one of the most important wearing pattern in the fashion fields, stitching patchwork pattern really play an important role in our fashion looking. According to the combination of different fashion elements, it can show you extraordinarily amazing and surprising sparks to you.

womens coats womens coats  womens coatswomens coats

Stitching pattern is such a common but not ordinary fashion in our daily life. You can see their appearance through the whole year if you have observed carefully. When it comes to spring and summer, stitching patterns show you the vivid, youthful and energetic impression particularly referred to bright and gorgeous stitched contrast colors. When it comes to autumn and winter, stitching pattern can be revealed more according to the material split joint. In most cases, they are widely applied in womens coats.

womens coatswomens coats womens coats womens coats

It seems that leather is the essential fashion element used in fashion coats. It is true indeed. Particularly in this year, you can see so many fashion clothes with stitching pattern of leather and other material. For example, leather and wool, leather and gird printed pattern, leather and denim fashion, leather and cotton and so on. They are all dedicate to showing your fashion, creative, eye-catching and fresh looking.

PU Patchwork Wool Coat

According to the survey, fashion people are more inclined to wear winter long coats in this year since they can show you the casual but cool, delicate but free appearance. Then, I believe that a piece of winter trench coats with leather stitching patterns must be your most favorite one in cold time.

PU Patchwork Wool Coat PU Patchwork Wool Coat PU Patchwork Wool Coat

I suggest that this PU patchwork wool coat is such a good example for you. It can certainly show your cool impression. In addition to that, smooth and bright shined material shows you the gorgeous and low-key impression. Cool, slim, fit and sexy looking, showing you the stereo visual effects, will be shown at once.

PU Patchwork Wool CoatPU Patchwork Wool CoatPU Patchwork Wool Coat


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