Long and Oversized Coats: Trends of Winter 2018 You Should Pick

Long and oversized coats are presently trending in the market, and the main reason is that they help in keeping you warm during the cold winter times. Whether the colour is black or grey, a high-quality long coat will give you service for decades, which makes it worth investing in. Moreover, you can style up with other different outfits to suit you during the winter. For example, you can combine it with a pair of skinny jeans, a mini skirt or different types of fashion boots. Some of the coats trending in the market today are Jewel-tone faux fur which you can pair up with iridescent fashion boots 29 https:/www.banggood.com/Wholesale-Women-Boots-c-2566.htmlboots, Parkas which you can mix with riding boots, a breathable bomber with classic moccasin and many more.

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How to wear a long and oversize coat

– Choose the right coat. You can try one that is not loose at the waist but spreads out around the hips if your idea is to look slimmer. There are a lot of things to consider depending on your liking. If you want an appearance of smaller hips, to add curves with a coat that has a belt, trying to hide your circular belly or you can try hugging yourself by using your hands to touch the opposite shoulders to ensure it’s not small. The fabrics used are also important. Coats made of wool tend to last longer.

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– Casually wear a long coat. Long coats are versatile, and they can help you to create a formal or casual style. You can dress up together with a white t-shirt, baggy trousers, denim jeans or fashion boots. Black skinny jeans, a shirt, combat boots, badges mixed with sunglasses will give you a rock-star look.

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– Dress up with a long coat for formal occasions or to achieve a sophisticated look. Long black coat with a pair of leggings, heels and big black sunglasses can be glamorous. In night out during the winter, you can wear a dark dress under a coat, add heels and jewellery to acquire a decent formal look. Also for an elegant look, you could pair a long white or black coat with high heels and a short skirt.

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-The oversize choices may be a little inconsistent in styling just like the long coats. For these, choose the small and smooth bottoms, which will make a beautiful difference in texture with the oversized coats. Large bottoms are probably going to make you appear big and lost in the clothes. You can accompany the look with skinny jeans, tight narrow skirt paired with boots.

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Whether it’s long or oversized, it’s important to consider your personal preferences and choose the styles you feel the best and look flawless! For more long oversized coats, please check here.


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