Mori Girl Fashion: 5 Ways to Reinvent Your Style

There are several Japanese street fashions to choose from but this Mori Girl is easy and homey style. Mori means forest in Japanese. Based on its translation, the theme is nature with the touch of Earth colors. It became a lifestyle and not only as a fashionable style. It is being natural and clever. Over the years, the Mori girl sense of fashion has evolved in many different styles from classic to modern interpretation.

women elastic waist pants How to achieve a Mori girl style?

1. Know the colors

In order to achieve a Mori style pick a good combination of colors like white, beige, mauve, mustard, dark blue, dark green and gray. For instance, mustard knitted long sleeves with dark green women elastic waist pants.

women elastic waist pants 2. Choose the texture and fitting

Usually, Mori girls stylized clothes with the texture of cotton, linen, knits, gossamer, light, sheer and gauze-like fabric. The common pieces are dresses, skirts, cardigans, pants, trousers, and scarves. One of the styles combines a classic look with women’s elastic waist trousers under a loose-fitting or oversized dress. The fitting must be relaxed, comfortable feel as it is the main point of Mori girl style.

women elastic waist pants 3. Art of layering

This is the most interesting part of the style – the layering of clothes.┬áIt is sometimes challenging as there are a lot of clothes to choose from and incorporate with. To be a Mori girl style has not to be over-dressed. Three to four layers are enough to feel warm and cozy. Try out something like grey women’s elastic waist pants, beige-colored floaty dress with little cute prints, dark green cardigan and granny boots. Make the Mori style neat and refreshing.

women elastic waist pants 4. Put on some accessories

Mori style is accentuated with hand-made or vintage accessories. These are cute flowers, lace pendants, and old-time jewelry. A touch of gold, silver and copper accessories adds to antique look. Large scarves or shawls are also nice to add. A visit to the thrift store is easy to find timeless accessories.

women elastic waist pants 6. Hair and makeup

Brown long or short wavy hair is perfect since it is neutral to all colors. It shows a softness of the whole Mori style. No heavy makeup to put on, it has to be more natural.

women elastic waist pants

Doing the Mori style is easy and does not consume time to prepare, but maybe aside to layering of clothes. Bring out the most natural comfortable style as if it is like living in the forest. It has not to be complicated, be creative and imaginative to picture a Mori girl and follow it.


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