New Fashion Trends: Women’s Harem Pants

HIP HOP Casual Slacks Pants

To trace back to early 20th century, famous fashion designer, Paul Poiret has combined the loose and casual pattern of Muslim women’s wearing with delicate silk material audaciously, showing you the comfortable and elegant feeling. This just like a wisp of wind of freedom blowing on European people and gain their favors at once. After that, harem pants also emerge on the fashion stage shows according to fantastic and amazing designers of fashion brands. It is expected that they have aroused a new fashion trend.

HIP HOP Casual Slacks Pants  HIP HOP Casual Slacks PantsHIP HOP Casual Slacks Pants

I believe that you must still remember the super star, Michael Jackson, who has speeded up the process of its popularity. I still remember the frequent appearance of harem pants in his new albums and main impressions in these days. Compared with skinny pants, harem pants can give you an even more comfortable and healthy wearing according to its loose and casual design particularly on the crotch part. In addition to that, harem pants can show you the perfect and strong pendant feeling which can help you cover your body defects totally and completely. That is also the main reasons why so many famous brands launch these harem pants one by one.

HIP HOP Casual Slacks Pants HIP HOP Casual Slacks Pants HIP HOP Casual Slacks Pants

HIP HOP Casual Slacks Pants HIP HOP Casual Slacks Pants HIP HOP Casual Slacks Pants

However, these harem pants are not unchangeable all the time. On the detail designs and materials, they have made great improvements. All these designs show you the strong Islamic style fashion. From my point of views, I think that fashion wearing with printed patterns showing you strong and mysterious religious feeling is really unique and eye-catching for you to wear. This pair of HIP HOP casual slacks pants is just the one that you need exactly.

HIP HOP Casual Slacks Pants HIP HOP Casual Slacks Pants

As for matching, it is easy for you. To be matched with shirts, tank tops and other kinds of fashion tops as well as vests or formal suits, it will show you the simple, cool and competent looking. It is the reflection of your unique fashion sense. Loose and comfortable feeling and fashion appearance makes them more humanized and particularly suitable for office ladies. What else, there are also some other harem pants with printed patterns, cute and lovely, showing you more fun and enjoyment.

HIP HOP Casual Slacks Pants   HIP HOP Casual Slacks PantsHIP HOP Casual Slacks PantsHIP HOP Casual Slacks Pants

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