[Obese Models Are in Favor] You Can Be As Beautiful As Them!

Tess Holliday

Is model whose weight is 117 kilogram in vogue this time? Do times for obese people come? Just in recent times, woman from Mississippi, America, Tess Holliday, becomes particularly popular. At the beginning of this year, she has signed a contract with models company, MiLK Model Management and become the plus-size model. She was so happy and excited and it seemed that she gained the second renascence. It was the milestones in her life and she has never thought that she can get success like that. This time, she finally fulfilled her dream in childhood.

Tess Holliday

According to Daily Mail, Tess Holliday who is 29 years old and 164cm tall has broken the monotonous and boring impression. She not only appeared in fashion runways, but also became the cover of Vogue, Italy edition. She is the first model who has signed with brokerage firm and becomes the first obese top model.

Tess Holliday Tess HollidayTess HollidayTess HollidayTess Holliday

It is said that she initiated the campaign, Eff Your Beauty Standards, and share her own photos on social media online. It makes her gain widely attentions at once. She has 624000 followers on Facebook and over 310000 on Instagram. People follow her with interests mainly because that she has more fans than the majority of other models. For herself, she just wants to overthrow people’s views toward beauty. For ordinary women, she, mainly here confidence, has made a good and important example.

Tess HollidayTess Holliday Tess Holliday

As a matter of fact, there are more and more obese models enter in the fashion circle. You must realize that beauty is not just a matter related with figure and appearance. More importantly, it relates with your confidence and attitude the most. In times that skinny models are filled with your eyes, obese models can really give you something fresh and interesting. Wearing plus size women dresses can make them look true and particularly enchanting.

Tess Holliday Tess Holliday Tess HollidayTess Holliday

Tess Holliday Tess Holliday Tess Holliday

You should know that you must have your own places. Just accept what you have now and insist on yourself. Don’t be self-abased anymore and you should believe that you deserve everything wonderful as well.

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Learning from these models, including womens fashion clothing that they wear and positive attitude toward life, you are really charming and alluring!

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