Oversized Fashion: One-button Blazer Suit

One-button Blazer Suit

Right this time, autumn has already come. You, who love loose and large oversized fashion womens coats, maybe think that wearing these oversized clothes can always give you a sluggish and depressed impression no matter how you wear them. For girls and women who have relatively smaller skeleton, you are more likely to be swallowed up by the coat. For people who love the cool and overwhelming neutral style oversized coats and want to wear out fashion and sharp impression, I would like to give you some tips in the followings.

One-button Blazer Suit One-button Blazer Suit One-button Blazer Suit

1. Wear a tie or belt

To choose coats that have a piece of additional belts originally may be much convenient for you. If they haven’t, I suggest that you should make advantage of a piece of beautiful and fashion enough belts as a decoration in order to make you look even charming and elegant. To show your slim and perfect waist lines will never make this oversized coat look over large or over loose.

One-button Blazer Suit One-button Blazer Suit

2. Wear short hollow shirts

One of the most outstanding features of these oversized coats lie in that they can cover most part of your body. Therefore, to expose yourself appropriately can help you keep balance of this visual effect. Then, crop tops will be a good choice for you indeed.

One-button Blazer Suit One-button Blazer Suit

3. Roll up your sleeves or pants

Expect for crop tops, rolling up your sleeves or pants is a good way for you to show yourself. It can surely make you look even neat, vivid and energetic.

One-button Blazer Suit One-button Blazer Suit

4. Wear tailored suits only or go with shorts or skirts

Complied with the wearing principle of showing out your body, to wear shorts or skirts can reduce the heavy and thick feeling of coats which is one of the commonest and safest but fashionable wearing nowadays.

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5. Choose bright color or light color series

Autumn and winter coats are mainly in colors of black or gray and other dark colors. To be matched with oversized coats will make you look even lumpish. Therefore, bright colors or light colors which are eye-catching enough can even reduce the tension feeling that coats show you.

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6. Change proportion of whole impression

For girls who are not that tall, expect for wearing high heeled shoes, you can also wear one-piece suspender pants or high-waist trousers to make your legs look longer. Then, the coat will not be looked too large.

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According to all these tips above, you can try to show your unique and chic style by this one-button blazer suit. They can not only show your mature and cool looking, but also make you look much sporty. You will surely leave an easy-going, kindly and gentle impression.

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