Pencil Skirt: Wearing Tips and Why It’s Necessary in Your Wardrobe

As a woman, a pencil skirt is perhaps one of the essential clothes in your closet. They are not only tight and figure hugging but also cover up to the knee. This is probably why they are the best candidate for any formal occasion and the workplace. Regardless of the design and the color, they usually look formal. Apart from high heels, it’s also stylish and attractive with elegant flats.

vintage pencil skirts

Wear it with a peplum top

One of the best ways of wearing vintage pencil skirts is with a jacket or peplum top. The belted top will make your waist look tinny and give you an hourglass shape while the skirt will give you a tall slim look. Whichever way, it has a glamorous and chic look that will never go out of fashion.

printed pencil skirt

Wear it as a weekend dress

You can also dress down put on your pencil skirt as a weekend dress. Since they are quite fitted, you could easily balance them with a slouchy knit and then tuck in the top to bring out the appearance of accentuated waste. Finally, team up this with slipper style shoes or sneakers for a casual look.

printed pencil skirt

Wear pencil skirt with a feminine blouse

Wearing a pencil skirt with a ladylike blouse is one of the most ladylike ways to put on pencil skirt. Make sure you choose something ruffled, lacy, or sheer top. You can then match it with traditional accessories such as pearls to give you a feminine look.

printed pencil skirt

Pair it with a denim top

If you want to make a statement then you can pair your pencil skirt with a plain white shirt or smart denim top. To make a bold statement, finish up with a big bag and bright colored heels. If you do this, your friends will start calling you a true diva.

 vintage pencil skirts

Try out wearing leather pencil skirt

Have you ever tried out a leather skirt? If not then you need to try out a pencil leather skirt and look for something that’s chic like and flattering. Once you do this, you will be amazed at how basic and wearable it is. From wool jackets to lacy tops, it matches with just everything.

vintage pencil skirts

Wear it as casual

Another great way to rock this skirt is to try pairing a bright pencil skirt with a casual T-Shirt. Make sure the t-shirt has a simple print that can match with the bold shade of the pencil skirt. You can then wear it with stylish chappals or pump shoes to give you a relaxed cool look.

vintage pencil skirts

Well, these are just a few tips on how to wear a pencil skirt. A plain pencil skirt or a printed pencil skirt is not only a great piece to have in your wardrobe but can also be dressed up and down. You just need to use your sense of fashion and imagination to create a unique look every time you wear one.



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