Plus Size Fashion: How to Wear to Create Slimming Effect?

The fashion and glamour world has led a good number of ladies to believe that you have to be a size zero or two to look fashionable. This is probably the oldest fashion tall tale, and a legion of designers and models have been working towards busting this myth over the years. You can now flaunt curves in the latest plus size fashion trends, especially in bohemian and vintage dresses. Create that slimming effect with these simple tips.

plus size bohemian dresses

Get a dress that fits

Baggy sweatshirts, blouses, trousers and loose-fitting dresses will not do much for your figure, apart from exaggerating your frame. Get your plus size vintage dresses in the right color and length that will compliment your natural body shape without making you look trashy. A plus size vintage dress that fits you perfectly will clinch to the smaller areas of your body, especially around your waist. The only thing to look out for is the thickness of the dress because you don’t want to walk around showing your dimples and panty lines.

plus size vintage dresses


If you’re looking to steal the show, don’t settle for a plain ensemble. Add a touch of life to your plus size vintage dress by going in with a simple narrow belt around your upper waist. This will draw more attention to the area and will undoubtedly create the illusion of a slimmer waistline. Plus size bohemian dresses are naturally designed with a waistband, so you won’t need to put a belt over it. Just throw in a plain scarf, and you are good to go. Pairing your plus size vintage dress with a blazer or fitting leather jacket will instantly create the illusion of a smaller upper body and will give your entire look some style and edge.

plus size bohemian dresses

Invest in Colors and Stripes

While a monochrome look offers sass and sophistication, it is not entirely correct that it makes you look slim. Match your plus size bohemian dress with a faded blue denim jacket and a pair of soft brown ankle boots. Your black plus size vintage dress can pair flawlessly with a wine red purse and a classic poncho. When you are trying to put together an outfit of many colors, try using shades with similar undertones to create a smooth color-to-color transition and to avoid creating a scene too sharp for the eyes.

Go for stripes that are slimmer and vertical to clinch your waistline. Broad and horizontal lines make you appear larger than usual.

plus size bohemian dresses

Take charge of your fashion and style by accessorizing, color blocking and showing off your figure by wearing fitting plus size bohemian dresses and plus size vintage dresses.




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