Polka Dots Fashion in 2015 Spring & Summer

polka dots dress polka dots dresspolka dots dress

Do you know ‘Polka’? It original born in Poland, which is a kind of popular dance in the middle of 19th century. And that it reaches to the peak is 1950s. At that time, a lots package and cover of polka music is decorated and shown with dot prints. Therefore, it gained this elegant and sweet name. As for people’s daily life, their living ways and wearing habits also have been influenced. Women love to wear bouffant over knee dresses and those with black background and white dots are their first choice. Light, free, slim and graceful impression has become the main style that polka dots show from then on.

polka dots dress polka dots dress

With the same size and color, polka dot is a kind of prints that is arranged orderly and uniformed. As polka dots get more and more popular in this summer, dot prints with somewhat vintage feeling speed up steps of coming back to the fashion stage, being the hot spot right in this time.

polka dots dress polka dots dress polka dots dress

polka dots dress polka dots dress polka dots dress

I suggest that one-piece vintage style dresses with strong overall fashion sense are the powerful guarantee of showing out one’s unique temperament. If you can wear additional consistent and harmonious accessories, it will be a wise choice for you to show chic and decent looks all the time.

polka dots dress

Different kinds of material and variety of clothing’s types as well as diverse color combination have endowed more possibilities on the classical polka dots wearing. No matter what kind of stylish appearances you want to get, they can make you totally satisfied in one time.

polka dots dress  polka dots dress polka dots dress

polka dots dress polka dots dress

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polka dots dresspolka dots dress


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