Pulling off Various Stylish Looks with Houndstooth

When we think about houndstooth, maybe the first impression is elegant. It is one of the timeless elements of womens fashion clothing. Actually it is more than that. I just love how houndstooth goes with just about everything. Its graphic prints can be teamed up with different pieces to create various looks. It is classic but never outdated if you know how to pair it.


silk or chiffon blouse
Pair your houdstooth A-line skirt with blouse made of soft mateirals like silk or chiffon to look elegant and stylish. Soft materials can somehow balance the imperturbability.


shirt+ houndstooth sweater
Of course, in addition to the classic mix and match, houndstooth can do much more than that. team a button up shirt with houndstooth sweaters of different colors. You’ll instantly look like a school girl. This school-inspired look will be even better if you wear a vintage necklace.


bright-colored houndstooth
If you want to make some changes, go for bright-colored houndstooth. You can master classy looks with classic black houndstooth. As for the bright-colored one, it plays well in adding fun and interest to your look.

houndstoothtuck in button up shirt
Personally, I like to wear a houndstooth pencil skirt with button up shirt. Tuck the shirt in will easily give you the professional and polished look. Besides, you can get the city chic with this women patchwork dress. This tailored houndstooth dress not only flatters your figure, but avoid looking too sexy because of the classy pattern.


high waist culottes
Culottes are officially in this winter. To insert this trend to your look, I’d say a houndstooth sweater is a great choice. High waist culottes reminds me of 70s fashion and the houndstooth definitely brings vintage style.


houndstooth coat
A houndstooth coat is a must-have pieces if you want to look sharp and polisged. This year, wide profile coat is very popular. Pair a wide profile houndstooth coat with skinny pants. You’ll effortlessly get the casual boyfriend look.



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