Repost: Fashion Weirdness, Getting Rid of Gravity

weird fashion

Do you have such a strange feeling as me when you see this set of fashion photos? Before you know the theme of these pictures is defying gravity, you must feel so confused and wonder why it can be the fashion shoots by such an awkward postures that you can’t totally understand.

As a matter of fact, it is a 12-page editorial shot photographed by photographer Nikolay Biryukov and Anna Hughes-Chamberlain and it is for Hunger Magazine.

weird fashion weird fashion

The performance of models in the fashion shoots are seemed to be easy to achieve. However, that’s really not the fact. To make advantage of body flexibility, it requires you to make variety of difficult postures with high degree. In the same time, you should keep the joyful and required expressions for a long time, instead of the awkward and terrifying one. You should know it is much more difficult than that you can image. Therefore, I appreciate this so much.

weird fashion weird fashion

In addition to that, the fantastic and delicate background and the gorgeous attires that model wears are certainly another amazing highlight that makes you fascinated. The featured looks include Miu Miu, Prada, Chalayan, Margiela, Dolce & Gabbana, Viktor & Rolf and Robert Cavalli. With supports from so many fashion brands, no wonder that this fashion set can be so charming and alluring like that!

weird fashion weird fashion


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