[Reviewing] Patchwork Denim Jeans

denim patchwok

Patchwork denim jeans nowadays are particularly popular among fashionists and young people. And as for me, I am longing to get a unique pair for a long time.

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As for patchwork denim wearing, these are mainly two types I love the most. One is the material patchwork. The patched part is highlighted by using extra cloth and tailoring to show the repaired impression and can be distinguished by different shades of colors. According to this way, it shows you the gradually changing impression and makes you have the strong contrast and stratified feeling. In fashion shows and street shoots, they are perfectly shown by models, stars and fashionists.

denim patchwok

denim patchwok denim patchwok denim patchwok

denim patchwok

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Compared with the artistic style looks achieved by simple and neat patchwork denim jeans, I love young and funny style more. Denim jeans with cartoon print patchwork really satisfy me this time. Different kinds of cute and lovely prints including cartoon characters in Disney series and other unique patchwork are really my favorites.

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It is chic and sharp so that I can’t stop loving them! I have brought my favorite one through Polyvore. What about you?


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