Say Goodbye to Leather Coats Temporarily and Welcome Suede Coats!

Few months ago, fashion forecaster are discussing fashion trend in this autumn and winter hotly. I believe fashionistas and hipsters who follow the latest fashion trend must find that vintage style is still the prevalent style in this time. Fashion items with a little vintage Bohemian style will be surely be your first must-have.

I know that some girls love wearing leather jackets to show cool and overwhelming impression in autumn and winter. In this season, do you want to have some changes and put on suede coats instead? These womens coats can make you show the cool and rakish temperament as well. Just let leather jackets rest for one season temporarily and put on suede coats that show you extraordinarily different atmosphere.

fashion suede coats fashion suede coats fashion suede coats

It is needless for you to ask me how popular suede coats are in this time. You can find how much they are in demand from super stars, fashion bloggers and hipsters. They are absolutely your essential autumn/winter item!

Suede becomes the main character in 2015 attributed to 70s’ vintage style. The beauty of suede lies in vague feeling and low-key aura. Symbolized brown, royal blue, wine red, atrovirens and cream color will be the highlight. Simple design or elegant style achieved by tassels can make you show particularly cool impression according to matching with denim jeans or short skirts.

fashion suede coats fashion suede coats fashion suede coats

Suede womens fashion clothing can make cool city girl impression. No matter matching with flares or skirts can make you look filled with modern western disposition. Choosing trench coats in pure color and with special tailoring can make you look full of stylish temperament.

In addition, suede one-piece dresses, suede dresses and so on are also popular for you to wear. Among that, suede coats with tassel decorations are both cool and elegant. If you want to show the chicest impression, you can’t lack this indispensable fashion item!

fashion suede coats fashion suede coats fashion suede coats

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