Scary Women Halloween Costume Ideas for 2021

Halloween is a time to dress up, which can sometimes mean going out and being something in the dark that will make everyone want to carry a flashlight. From layers and layers of costume makeup, to make sure you’ve got the right pair of vampire’s teeth, creating spooky Halloween costumes is truly an art for some. However, not all Halloween costumes have to be sophisticated to be extraordinary. Sometimes all you need is the right character and attitude to match.

When you’re ready to take the next step and create the perfect scary Halloween costume this year, check out the list below for some scary womens halloween costumes that can wake your inner monster.

Scary costume

1. Dark Fairy

Books and movies continue to show us that fairies aren’t always as cute as Disney portrays them to be. With just a few magnificent wings and a little effort, transform into this unfathomably threatening magical creature. Make sure you add a pair of teeth to show how scary the dashing little sprite is.

Halloween costumes

2. Annabelle from The Conjuring

If you’ve seen this movie, you’ll probably agree that it’s one of the weirdest dolls in the world. There doesn’t have to be one spooky doll, let alone two. But if you’re feeling brave and want to be one of the scariest dolls ever, all you need is a dress and the ability to braid your hair.

Scary Halloween costumes

3. Evil Witch

The wicked witch of the west has nothing on this demonic creature. A slightly simpler (but much scarier) version of the wizard, this costume hangs on to a perfect black dress stance and release. Go in and add some really long black nails to really shrink everyone in front of you.


4. Voodoo Doll

Whether it’s a voodoo doll, porcelain doll, talking doll, or anything else, dolls can be scary. With just a small purchase at a thrift store, you can scare all your friends this Halloween.


5. Victorian Ghost

Ghosts are a must when it comes to Halloween costumes. It’s so easy to be elegant and scary when you’re the undead Victorian ghost looking to get revenge for all the lost time (because that’s what they want, right?). All you need to complete this outfit is the right dress and a mysterious glow that’s vaguely eerie that makes one wonder what exactly you’re going to do next.

Scary costumes

6. Cheshire Cat

Take your costume in a different direction by putting a (literal) smile on your face and amaze everyone you see with the most amazing Cheshire cat costume.



There you have it, all the scary Halloween costumes ideas mentioned above are easy to execute. All you need is a matching act and you’re all set. Getting Halloween costumes can be a daunting task right now, that’s why I will recommend you visit Banggood and save yourself the stress.

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Scary Women Halloween Costume Ideas for 2021
Article Name
Scary Women Halloween Costume Ideas for 2021
Halloween is a period of the year where people put on all manner of scary and weird costumes. Just in case you are confused about the costume to put on this Halloween season, I have put together some scary Halloween costume ideas for women.


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