Secret Tips for You to Wear Out Fashion Appearance and Perfect Body Proportion

Women Clothing

According to the survey, it is said that 10% of women think that they are slim, 20% of women think that they have the standard figure and 70% of women think that they are fat and plump. Do you still want to live in the shadow that you are fat by yourself? To be honest, there are no much women can be said as having fat figure actually. The secret tips of wearing women clothing beautifully lie in showing your good body proportion and pleased vision to others. In the following, there are some tips for you to achieve your dream of wearing out fashion appearance and perfect body proportion.

Women Clothing Women Clothing

Don’t ignore the wearing of underwear. Clothing that you wear in summer is mainly those with light, short, thin and small features. Please regard underwear as one part of your whole impression. To wear underwear complied with summer wearing and showing sexy feeling in maintaining dignity will be wise for you to do.

Women Clothing Women Clothing Women Clothing

Don’t always choose these over-sized clothes when you are buying clothes and you should choose the most suitable and fit size. Although over-sized clothes can cover your imperfect figure, they will make you look stronger and larger visually.

Round Collar Blouse  Round Collar BlouseRound Collar Blouse

You must remember to keep the whole figure clean and neat. To match a under shirt or under dress with silk or chiffon pattern can not only cover the fat part, but also beautify and modify curves of the whole impression.

Round Collar Blouse Round Collar Blouse

In general, the edge of clothes is always of visual focus of people. Therefore, you should avoid edges stopping at the thickest part of arms, the widest part of buttocks and the thickest part of legs.

Round Collar Blouse

To wear clothes that can make you look slim is also a good choice for you to consider. For example, clothes with slim pattern such as striped pattern or clothes can show your elegant and graceful figure such as this round collar blouse.

Round Collar BlouseRound Collar Blouse


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