Sexy and Alluring Lace Banquet丨2014 Fashion Wearing

lace clothing

In fashion circle, lace is a kind of clothing material that full of temptation. However, lace will show another vulgar impression if you don’t know how to match with theselace clothing properly to match out fashion and enchanting appearance. Therefore, it has become the high-level challenge for every great designer. I still remember the time for lace popularity is the white lace of Balenciaga in 2006 spring and summer. At this time, lace comes back again with a big and unprecedented surprise that Miuccia Prada has brought to us. Other designers are not willing to fall behind. Lace march of four main fashion shows comes into our views.

lace clothing lace clothingLace wearing trends in this year is mainly with the theme of simple and succinct style. For example, Prada use laces to cover your whole body. Pattern is the second factor for you to consider, and hand-making lace is the important visual highlights. I strongly recommend you to choose mature colors and delicate material with bright sense which can give you a gorgeous and modern beauty. As for wearing accessories, I insist on choosing mature and elegant matching style, combined with necklaces that filled with vintage charm and divined designed high heeled shoes in order to keep a balance between girls and ladies temperaments.

lace clothingChloe single-shoulder see-though dress: combination of see-through pattern and laces, this dress are so charming and unique for you to wear. Laces on the clothes are more likely to be the cameo scenery and the single-shoulder design is more youthful and enthusiastic.

Stella McCantney: Mixture of Eastern and Western culture, laces and Chinese traditional suits, enchanting and graceful.

lace clothingDerek Lam: It is so clever and smart for Derek Lam to turn laces into a feminine item, veils and silk stockings and elegant black dresses, modest but charming and evocative.

Christopher Kane: British New Designer, Christopher Kane creatively combine romantic flowery pattern with cool leather, stitching out another extraordinarily different soft and cool impression.


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