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Although French designer, André Courrèges is always regarded as the inventor of mini dresses, generally speaking, it should be attributed to the fashion designer, Mary Quant, whose inspiration comes from mini cars. Therefore, the argument of inventor arouses. Some people believe that mini dress that is custom-designed for the actor, Anne Francis in the fiction film, Forbidden Planet by Helen Rose in 1956 is the really origin of mini dress. The editor of Vogue, Marit Allen with the principle of ‘young idea’ declared that, John Bates has always been criticized as the awkward creative design. She said that a kind of clothes that use see-through material is the embryonic form of mini dress instead of widely recognized Mary Quant or André Courrèges. Cheap clothes that are Bates has offered for the TV show, Diana Rig have been defined as the model style.

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It is well know that Mary Quant has opened a couture on the King Road in Chelsea London and sell clothes that she designed by herself. In the late 1950s, she began to have an experiment on short dresses which case the birth of mini dresses in 1965. This was regarded as an important period and milestone in fashion field. Because of its center role in fashion London, mini dresses have come to the international fashion trend from a small and potty street.

Halterneck Sleeveless BlouseHalterneck Sleeveless Blouse

For women, it seems that there is no limitation of lengths of these mini dresses. There is no the shortest, and they just have the shorter one. Mini dresses, as one of the most favorable wearing for women to show good body proportion, beautiful curves and feminine temperament, has gain a large number of advocator in modern times. Similarly, these blouses with the same design pattern are also another good choice. Matched with fashion and enchanting leggings, you will surely show an amazing appearance.

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