How to Show Cool Impression? Houndstooth Tells You!

women wool coat

Houndstooth is such a magic pattern! Contrast of black and white, delicate outlines, irregular pattern with regular arrangement gives you strong sense of movement even they are static. When you put it on and walk in the street, wrinkles, rays and even your movements make the color and pattern that is simple originally like kaleidoscope, showing you different impressions. Since they are mysterious and unpredictable, it makes us more addicted to them. Therefore, after houndstooth combines with women’s clothing, they have already become the representative elements of simple elegant style. They have never been left out in the fashion field and forgotten by people all the time. Even in recent two years, they can certainly show you more wearing and matching which is more suitable for you to wear in daily life, showing you much younger impression.

women wool coat women wool coat

However, right in this time, what deserves your trying of the houndstooth dressing-up is no longer those feminine and elegant wrinkle dresses but the slim-fit and cool women wool coat. They are simple and neat, but they will make you lack in a little fashionable sense. Thus, they are absolutely light and convenient for you to wear and help you show your absolute confidence.

women wool coat women wool coat women wool coat women wool coat

To break the monotonous impression of wearing main solid colors in winter, women’s winter coats with houndstooth pattern can even show your fashionable looking. In the same time of making you look even cool and competent, the more those houndstooth coats show to you is unique individuality. Even though you wear a set of overall houndstooth, they can also show you the stratified feeling and make you become the focus. No wonder that they can be the favorites of fashion masters to show variety of chic street style impression.

women wool coat

Here, I would like to share some wearing and matching of fashion houndstooth, I am sure that you will learn a lot from that!

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