Show Slim and Tall Looking: Women Vintage Plaid Pants

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Originated from France, fashion designers, YSL has launched ‘Le Smoking’ in 1966. This classical fashion design worldwide, a piece of tuxedo, a piece of shirts with black bowknot decorations as well as a pair of high waist pants, have aroused huge attentions among people, just because that it has added male designs into women’s clothes designs creatively. In the same time, it has made a good foreshadow of development of neutral style later. No matter high-waist shorts or short jumpsuits, they are all the popular fashion items in 1960s-1970s.

womens fashion online womens fashion online womens fashion online

Attributed to the revival of vintage style and super stars’ favors and advocates, exaggerated high waist shorts and lovely jumpsuits is both particularly popular. The most significant and outstanding features of these high waist pants is that they can lengthen your body proportion to the perfect one according to raising your waist lines and make you look having long and slim fit enough legs visually.

Women Vintage Plaid PantsWomen Vintage Plaid Pants  Women Vintage Plaid Pants

Bloomers show the cute and lovely impression of high-waist pants. To be matched with skinny suits, it looks modern and unique. Special round high-waist pants matched with special tailored and designed long formal suits is especially funny and interesting. More than that, you can wear short tops showing your waist or shirts with strong pendant feeling to show your decent and delicate impression.

Women Vintage Plaid Pants

I suggest that this pair of women vintage plaid pants is such a good option for you. This pair of pants exposing your ankle is particularly vintage and casual for you to wear. Simple, neat and cool neutral style impression will be shown at once. As far as I’m concerned, lace-up brogues are the best shoes for you. As for girls who are short, I suggest that high heeled shoes will be your good alternatives. I believe that it can surely bring different and extraordinary looking and temperament for you.

Women Vintage Plaid Pants Women Vintage Plaid Pants Women Vintage Plaid Pants Women Vintage Plaid Pants Women Vintage Plaid Pants

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Women Vintage Plaid PantsWomen Vintage Plaid Pants

Women Vintage Plaid PantsWomen Vintage Plaid PantsWomen Vintage Plaid Pants

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