Stay Ahead Of Fashion in2018

Why be the tail when you can easily be the head? Trends keep on changing each and every day. Be it in technology, currency and also dressing. Most people love dressing up and looking the part without trying too much. This in-depth guide will be able to pinpoint the latest trends of women shirts in 2018 and how to pair them. Let’s dive in and see some of the shirts that made on this hot list.

Lace Splicing Shirt

Kimono Trench Coats

Most women have adapted to change and you won’t fail to see a woman rocking a kimono. It’s a blend of the modern type of robe and a coat. One notable thing is that kimonos are lightweight, have a royal feel to it and perfect for all seasons.

Lace Splicing Shirt

Long Vests

Perfect clothing fit for an outwear. The slimming effects it brings out on the body if left unbuttoned makes it a hit to anyone who loves to look and feel slimmer. It can be worn without any accessories, paired with a sweater and also gives out a layered look.

Lace Splicing Shirt

Polo neck

There’s no dressing more classical as a polo neck. It has a cool vintage look that looks great with women who are less busty. Can be accessorized to the minimum and still retain its vintage effect.

Lace Splicing Shirt


Culottes always look with almost every body type. It falls at the upper ankle leaving you just enough space to add on an ankle bracelet. The wide legs culottes are what has been trending and stores have full stock for this.

Lace Splicing Shirt

Lace Splicing Shirt

A shirt that has hit the runways and still is a big hit. It’s comfortable to wear because it is made of a soft fabric. Also, the lace details are so beautifully created without any loose thread hangings. A perfect shirt that can be worn in all seasons and very pocket-friendly. Looks great with jeans or leggings for adding that sophisticated yet simple look.

Lace Splicing Shirt


The trendiest is the long shirt-dress which was seen a couple years back. This shirt has been reinvented and redesigned but still retains its classic look.Some of the designs added on are button-downs, mandarin-collar, high slits, asymmetric hemlines, and also drop waists. This shirt provides you with lots of clothing choices to pair it with.

Lace Splicing Shirt

To conclude, feeling and looking good is more than possible without trying too much. This hot list will be able to guide you on what to wear in 2018 to make you ahead of the game. Not to forget, the trendier you look, the more your mood lightens up.




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