Stylish Stripes Make You Look No Longer Plump

Although no one would deny the classical status of striped wearing, there are still some girls who don’t love to wear them in everyday life. The major reason is no more than worrying that they could make you look plump. The most important thing is that you should know what kinds of striped wearing is the most suitable for you. Thin stripes and thickened one with different intervals can undoubtedly show you variety of stylish looks. If you really don’t make sure which one is the most suitable for you, I would suggest you just choose a pair of womens pants with vertical stripes. It will be much better, as far as I’m concerned.

striped pants striped pants striped pants

It will not be a bad thing for office ladies to show out cool and capable temperament once in a while. White T-shirts going with simple and neat striped casual suits make you show the chic and fresh looks. The perfect combination of pure color and dazzling color can make you look in delicacy and decency all the time. I guess casual blazer is the best choice for you to show semi-formal impression that is fashionable and charming enough for you to wear in the office. In addition, putting on a pair of high heeled shoes makes you be away from dull and monotonous looks.

striped pants striped pants striped pants

If you want to show slim and long legs, expect for straight vertical stripes, stripes combining deep and light colors are thinkable option for you. Just as I have mentioned above, different fashion stripe patterns can show you distinct appearance.

striped pants striped pants

The important point that needs your attentions is that you’d better match striped pants with tops in solid color. After all, not all people can master the dazzling floral print mix style.

striped pants striped pants striped pants

To show charming and alluring vintage style looks, how can you miss a pair of straight pants? Even pants you wear is a pair with cross stripes, it is not definite that it will expose your body shortcoming. Just get on long trench coats or a pair of elegant loose pants to show your confident glam now!


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