How to Stylize Your Art Photography With a Traditional Folding Hand Fan?

Feel cool, look cool – How to add a bit of style to your art photography with a traditional folding hand fan.

To survive the hot summer, there is one item to buy that is relatively cheap. An item that many women would not be seen. It comes in various shapes and many colors and designs. I am talking about the humble paper and wood folding hand fans.

folding hand fans

Originating from Japan, the hand fan has changed little since the 6th century CE. Of course, there are European versions especially the Spanish hand fan used in many of their dances. Recently, though, there has been a reassurance of this wonderful little item. it is not just to keep one cool but as a fashion accessory.

folding hand fans

This is no less true than in fashion photography too. So if you want to look stylish, as well as feel cool, then follow our handy guide to using folding hand fans to add a bit of style to your art photo.


How to choose the folding hand fan that is right for you

With the different colors and printed designs available you are spoilt for choice. What style you choose will largely depend on whether you are in bold colors or not. Often it is best to try and match your folding fan with the colors you would normally wear. If you can get away with wearing bold colors and striking patterns then a colored and patterned fan would suit. Of course, you could try contrasting colors that fit together well. Floral patterns on an ivory background will go with just about anything.

folding hand fans

How to choose an umbrella to combine with your fan

Umbrellas, the cotton variety, are designed to shade so when combined with the folding fan you have the ultimate, coolest, fashion accessory combination. Again, try and find an umbrella that matches the fan. If you have a white cotton umbrella then go for a pale shade or mildly floral hand fan.

folding hand fans

How to do a posture when using a fan

The Japanese folding fan was designed as a weapon and or as a method of concealment. They give an impression of mystery and being demure. When holding your hand fan place it either just under your chin and look directly into the camera with demure eyes. Or lift the fan up slightly, covering the mouth, to add a bit of mystery. Have the fan fully opened and face flat to the camera for best effect. You can try various body positions but being seated, side on to camera can look very artful.

folding hand fans

The folding hand fan has many uses but mainly it is used to keep one cool especially in the Japanese heat. Now that they have stepped into the fashion circle these fans can be used for much more than keeping cool. They can be not only used as a fashion accessory in many situations but are perfect for adding depth and character to art photos.



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