Summer Hat Talk

Summer is the good time for us to travel. Wonderful climate and bright sunshine are ready for you. But before you begin your travel, don’t forget to make good preparations for sunscreen work. Besides sunscreen cream and sexy cardigan, a hat for you to protect your face form sunshine is also important, which is not only functioned as protector of your skin but also play an important role in your dressing. So today I want talk something about hat with you to help you choose a   hat and enjoy your travel.

Women straw hat delivers a sense of romance in summer. You can combine it with Bohemia style long dress or other long dress, which makes it easy for you to dress as a sweet girl in this summer especially when you are walking on the beach. And when you wear bikini, such a hat is suitable for your dress , making you show your beach style dressing. What’s more, because of its wide brim, it can shelter you from sun to a great degree and its straw material also will not make you feel hot because of its feature of being breathable. Naturally, this kind of hat is becoming one of popular hats in summer because of its functionality. So in summer, to pick up your straw hat to travel must be a good choice for you.

Women straw hat

As for hip hop baseball cap, it is also daily used hat in summer and it is also popular among people especially among younger. This type of cap like floral snapback is more suitable for combining with T- shirt , sport style dress and other hip hop or sport style dressing. Although it can not shelter much more sun, it is still popular because its material are also breathable, and more than that the reason why it enjoys its great popularity is that it is affected by baseball game that hardly all the people love. Then it will not be out of fashion and so you can wear it every season.

 floral snapback

Fisherman hat is also another one that enjoys the great popularity in summer. Overalls, T-shirt and jeans skirts can be a combination with Women Summer Bucket Hat, which easily create a summer fresh style look for you. And you can also wear it in other season fro decoration for your wearing. Besides, it is functional in sheltering you from sun because it also have wide brim so that it is a good option for you in summer.


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