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Come Get These Slim and Edgy Knitted Dress Looks
women knitted dress

Exquisite knitted clothing kind of matches the bleak autumn with its soft texture and warm color. But usually because of…

The Ultimate Guide to Kate Middleton’s Collection of Colorful Dresses
Kate Middleton

If you’ve ever noticed what Kate Middleton wore, you’ll be surprised how much she loves colorful clothing, like womens dresses…

Dresses Match Pants? It’s the Exactly Prevalence NOW!
dress match pants

It seems that the time that popular collocation of dresses and pants is that far from us. No matter what…

Essential Fashion Wears in This Season, Pleated Dresses
pleated dresses

Exactly in this season, pleated dresses come to catwalk again. From designers, Christopher Kane, to fashion brand, Gucci, and even…

Fashion that Will Surely Be Prevalent in This Autumn, Car Wash Skirts
car wash skirts

Main popular fashion items in every season must be different. Therefore, you finally know why women always say that they…

Knit Maxi Dresses for 2015 Resort Collections
knit maxi dress

Knit maxi dresses have brought to people’s lives again in this season. It means that 2015 resort collections is going…

Fashion Review: Button-Front Skirts
Button-Front Skirts

Short skirts, A-line skirts and mini pleated skirts are regarded as girls’ favorite in summer. Just right in this time,…

Shiny Scenery in the Street, Multi-Color Pleated Skirts
High Waist Pleated Skirt

Actually, pleated skirts are not just the indication of sweet and pure student’s dressing-up. In the eyes of fashionists, pleated…

White and Gold, or Blue and Black? What Color Can You See?
womens dresses

In recent days, discussion about the color of one-piece dresses has aroused people’s widely attentions. Whether it is a blue…

Sexy Hot Party Wearing, Off-shoulder Lace Dresses
Sexy Hot Party Dress

All fashion ladies love to dress themselves up beautiful and charming before they go outside, particularly in the weekends when…

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