Tank Top: How to Accessorize it With Jewelry?

Have you ever been looking at your outfit in the mirror and got that feeling that something isn’t quite right? You like the jeans, shoes and tank top separately, but now you’re wearing them you can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right. A common position to be in and not a nice one either, especially when you’re already running late. That feeling you get deep down can be fixed, any outfit can be fixed without changing clothes. How do you ask? Accessorizing!

Accessorizing? Yes, it’s perfect! When you’re trying to pull off a tank top, adding extra accessories is a tremendous way to evolve what would otherwise be a dull outfit. From extra long necklaces and chokers to knuckle rings and bracelets. Let’s have a look at what accessories we should be using.

sexy tank tops

What Accessories?

The world of accessories is a big one, so big in fact that we don’t nearly have enough time to discuss the whole thing, so we’re going to go through a short list of essential accessories to push you in the right direction:

  • Chokers

A great addition to any tank top as long as you like the style. Wearing a tank top without an over a shirt and with a choker is a great look. The choker gives the illusion of extra clothing while their straight bold lines interrupt the flow of skin from the shoulders and chest. Pay attention to the choker color, black goes with everything but matching your tank top will also work well.

sexy tank tops

  • Necklace

A necklace is another chic idea on how to accessorize a tank top. The classic indie look will add a certain style to the outfit. The elegance of the pearls offset against the messy knot and casual tank top is the gem of this look. The necklace can be matched with pearl earrings to complete the style.

sexy tank tops

  • Knuckle Ring

Knuckle rings are a cool addition to any outfit, but even cooler when juxtaposed against a tank top. The quirky above knuckle rings help give its wearer a unique and interesting look, helping you stand out from the crowd and be yourself. Because of how knuckle rings sit, you can wear multiple at the same time, giving you an edgy fashion guru look that says, “I look good and I don’t care.”

sexy tank tops

  • Bracelets

Bracelets come in loads of different shapes and sizes, so take this suggestion with a pinch of salt. Wearing several bracelets of similar color with each other helps create a thicker band of color on the arm. Try and match the color of your tank top with or against your bracelet/s to get make your outfit easier on the eye.

sexy tank tops

Four simple ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Sexy tank tops are great at helping us keep cool and look good, flaunting some skin is such a hot look right now but sometimes needs something to dilute the nakedness of the arms, shoulders, and chest is out there. Jewelry is the perfect way at doing just that, find your knuckle rings, your necklaces, your bracelets and wear them proud. Try mix and matching accessories until you find your perfect supporting cast. Remember, no outfit is complete without accessories.






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