The Best Street Style Moments of Bella Hadid in 2018

If you live, walk and breathe fashion, then you must be keeping yourself abreast with the emerging fashion trends in today’s market. And if feeling cool is all you want no matter the weather, then you will appreciate some street fashion tips from the one and only Bella Hadid. Not a new name, right? From sexy tank tops, faded jeans to fur coats, you can never go wrong imitating the best. Here come some of the best street styles of Bella Hadid in 2018;

sexy tank tops

The Signature Sunglasses and The Purple-red stripped Suit

Well, this was sometime in February. And the fashionable lass didn’t disappoint with this look. A red crop top with shades of black made everything perfect.

sexy tank tops

The Ralph Lauren coat Look

The beautiful model was in Paris sometime in January when she brought the streets to a stand-still with the intriguing trench coat. She paired it with a pair of open-front laced pointed ankle boots and the little black-shed sunglasses. A little show of skin did spice things up.

sexy tank tops

The Visible Black Lace Bra Under a Textured Black Suit

Still talking of Paris, the Dior menswear show brought Bella Hadid to the limelight once again. The beautiful model didn’t disappoint with her choice of black textured suit pairing with a visible black lace bra outlining her cleavage. For the accessories, she chose a matching black neck-tie and a pair of fashionable trainers.

sexy tank tops

The Over-sized White Shirt And The Wide-legged Black Trouser

If you have thought that over-size clothes are old school, then this look of Bella Hadid in June this year will make you reconsider. The ever-surprising model paired the look with a black corset something which most people wouldn’t consider. Her statement mini sunglasses coupled with chunky golden ornaments completed the bright look.

sexy tank tops

The See-me -through White Polo Neck

This was also in Paris at around June. The look wouldn’t have been complete without the Sankuanz cargo trousers and white sneakers. She carried a small gold clutch bag that blended well with the golden straps on her trouser.

sexy tank tops

Sexy White Crop Top and Beige Trousers

Paris seems to be the city of most of Bella Hadid’s shining moments in 2018; at least so far. In July, the model was out and about in this beautiful city carrying a medium-sized red handbag that well accessorized the little white crop-top and beige pants and stilettos. She also had a red cardigan over her shoulders to complete the look.

sexy tank tops

From the look of things, it seems like 2018 is a good year for Bella Hadid in the fashion world. Stay tuned for more of her fashion trends as the year gears to the end. Do you want to wear as stylishly as Bella Hadid does? Just follow our blog and get the stylish clothing on Banggood.



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