The fashion collocation of sexy leggings

Talking about the net socks, I believe that most of the girls are refused it from the heart. Because in our traditional thoughts that the net socks is too sexy to wear it outside. But these years in the T station, the combination of these sexy leggings with fashion dress has expressed the different elegant. Different color and different style net socks with the dress has added refinement and well-behaved feeling.



In this year, there are many collocation methods of the fishing net leggings. It’s obviously the most fashionable to match it with the “hole” jeans. The looming feeling of the ankle is sexy, and it can be the free street style as well.


Except matching with jeans, the fashionable slits pants and Step on pants is a nice match as well.

Collocated with the cheap black leather leggings, it can reflect the punk style–sexy and wild. If your waist is slim, you can expose it to be much more fashionable. If you like wearing the dress, you can try to wear it with net socks adventurous to attract others attention.


No matter the collocation of the long dress or the skirt is fashionable with the net socks and it has different style of them. Don’t hesitate any more, have your own sexy leggings now.



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