The latest Sweatshirt dresses Trending Right now

There is a new trend of Sweatshirt dresses that every woman should have. They are cozy and beautiful for the winter and fall season. The simple knit frock is shaping up to be the number one dress trend of 2020. It can be worn with accessories for a dinner date or go casual for a weekend at home with a colorful scarf to tie around your ponytail. Below are some of the most flattering dresses to look out for.

The lace hem shirt dress

The lace hem shirt dress

This is a Sweater knit dress that is soft and stretchy, but not heavy. Perfect for cooler weather. Lovely lace trim and the length is standard. This dress will look great with tights and boots as well, and not to mention that it has pocket that makes it look so fashionable! This dress will make you look trendy effortlessly.

Patterned bodycon

patterned bodycon

The biggest benefit of this sweatshirt dress is that it’s a free fit dress to show off your curves while the thicker fabric smoothes out your silhouette, hiding any lumps or bumps you’d rather not put on display. Also, this affordable option comes on a warm mustard color that is to die for.

The oversized turtleneck dress

the oversized turtleneck dress

As the name suggests, it is an oversize free fit dress that looks great on any body size. This dress is for wearing on days you just want be cozy, but like, also don’t want to sacrifice looking all cute. The knitting is great and feels well-made. And the pockets are a bonus!

The button-down choice

the button-down choice

This beauty is made of nice, thick material. It is stretchy and comfortable and has buttons running from the burst down. This will make you feel so glamorous, and you will have convinced yourself that it was made specifically for your body. It comes in different colors and sizes.

The mermaid-style dress

the mermaid-style dress

This dress is not only sexy but also professional. Most are above the knee length making them official and classily casual. The ruffle added at the bottom displays a touch of class. With these mermaid touch days, you just want to soak in a million compliments about your excellent taste in fashion.

It is safe to say that in a world full of women fashion, you can never go wrong with a sweatshirt dress. There are many options to choose from for every body type and shape. The lace hem shirt dress

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