The Most Fashionable British Style丨Plaid Blouses + Pencil Pants

Blue Loose Plaid Blouse

Plaid printed pattern, as you know, is classical and fashionable in the fashion field all these time. Even in recent years, you can see them more leading the fashion trends. According to its changeable fashion wearing and matching, I have to appreciate its chic here. Super stars and fashionists both love to wear plaid printed wearing to show fashion appearance according to stars’ airport shows and street snaps. However, I would like to introduce one of commonest and the most classical matching of plaid printed shirts right here. That is plaid shirts and pencil pants! To maser this wearing method, you can show the cozy and relaxing impression in whatever leisure times.

Blue Loose Plaid Blouse  Blue Loose Plaid Blouse  Blue Loose Plaid Blouse  Blue Loose Plaid Blouse

Blue Loose Plaid Blouse   Blue Loose Plaid Blouse  Blue Loose Plaid Blouse

Gray and white plaid shirts can be matched with skinny denim pants. Loose and casual design of plaid printed shirts can cover flabby body part and the skinny slim-fit pencil pants in deep colors makes you look tender. A pair of rivet high heeled shoes can heighten your height and modify legs’ curves, making you look even cool and tall.

Blue Loose Plaid Blouse Blue Loose Plaid Blouse Blue Loose Plaid Blouse

Blue Loose Plaid BlouseBlue Loose Plaid BlouseBlue Loose Plaid Blouse

Black and white long plaid shirts match with black denim pencil pants. Long t-shirt wraps your hip, black short boots and black leather coats increase the cool and handsome feeling of whole impression. To wear a pair of sunglasses additional can even strengthen this cool disposition.

Blue Loose Plaid Blouse Blue Loose Plaid Blouse

Red and blue plaid printed shirts match with denim pencil pants in dark blue. Wearing a pair of flat short boots in the color that is the same as the one of bag, beautiful and eye-catching makeup can make your whole impression look even charming and alluring.

Blue Loose Plaid Blouse

Blue loose plaid blouse matched with denim pants with rolling up the edge, lightening up your appearance on the whole. Black platform wedge short boots make you look even taller, modifying curves of legs and making it look much slimmer.

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