Tips of Fashion Impression in Early Autumn: Oversized Long Printed Cardigan

If you have felt strong atmosphere of autumn time, you should know that it is time for cardigans to give you fashionable and amazing impression. Cardigans, as one of the most reliable and chic essential in your wardrobe, can surely show you the cool, casual and attractive looking. As far as I’m concerned, I think the long printed cardigan, especially the oversized one, is certainly fashion girls’ favors.

Women Clothing Women Clothing Women Clothing Women Clothing

However, do you know how to show the pleased and eye-catching impression that you want? Some decorations and wearing tips can also make you look fashionable. I would like to share them with you in the next.

Women Clothing Women Clothing Women Clothing

1. To wear additional belt to have a decoration.

If you are wearing a piece of oversized and loose cardigan, I deem that it is of great significance for you to wear additional belt. To wear this kind of cardigans will make you look like a bucket, while a belt can surely improve your whole impression at once. They will not make you lose feminine temperament according to showing your charming and perfect waist lines. In the same time, they make you look even chic, casual and cool!

Long Printed Cardigan Long Printed Cardigan

2. To wear skinny shirts and pants as underwear.

Since the cardigans have already shown you the loose and casual appearance, I deem that shirts and pants that you wear must be skinny enough in order to show a balanced impression.

Long Printed Cardigan Long Printed CardiganLong Printed Cardigan

3. Dresses or skirts can also be your good choice.

Dresses and skirts may be more elegant for people to wear. For cute and lovely girls who love feminine impression, I am sure that it will be your best matching for you to show chic and elegant impression in the early fall time.

Long Printed Cardigan Long Printed Cardigan Long Printed Cardigan

4. To show stratified feeling.

You can also wear a thick coat in cold winter time, and the cardigan that you wear inside can show you the stratified feeling that make you look even fashionable indeed.

Long Printed CardiganLong Printed Cardigan

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Long Printed Cardigan Long Printed Cardigan Long Printed Cardigan

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