Tips for Wearing a Blazer to Look Taller

Many short women will be frustrated by their height when they are choosing clothes. Sometimes, they will love one of a beautiful dress which is too long to wear for them. At that time, they will feel upset. But today I want to tell you that although you are not tall, you can still look taller as long as you wear a blazer in a right way. In the following way. I will share some tips about how to wear a blazer  to look taller.

high waist skirts

First, you have to pick up a right blazer. Not all the women blazer jackets can function in making your taller. Our suggestion is to choose a blazer which has the right fit and a defined proper cut. It can show your waistline and its length should be not too long. You can refer to the following picture.

womens blazer jackets

How to combine a blazer?

After picking up a suitable blazer, now I am here to share some tips on how to combine it to make you look taller.


1.Combine it with a skirt.

Combining your blazer with a pencil skirt or mini skirt easily make you look taller because both and the skirt and blazer can emphasize in proportion. And you can wear high-heels or boots which can make you look taller so as to make your body proportions perfect.

womens blazer jackets

2.Combine with pencil pants or tight jeans

A high-waist pencil pants or tight jeans can make your leg longer. Wearing a blazer with it also can make your body proportion perfect. And then wear this outfit with high heels complete an office look for you. It is very suitable for you when you go to work.

high waist skirts

3.Combine it with a dress

When you combine a leather blazer with a dress, chiffon floral dress will be the first one available for you. Besides, a lace dress is also one of the good choices for you. When you are choosing a dress to combine your blazer, a long dress should not longer to your ankle while a short one should be above the knee in order to perfect the proportion of your leg.

womens blazer jackets

4.Combine it with a tube

A tube with high heels can effectively make you look taller because it can show your perfect body curve. And wearing your well-cut blazer can put emphasis on your waistline, which achieves the goal of making you look taller.

high waist skirts

5.Combine it with striped pants

Stripe is always the fashion element which can make you look taller. Picking up suitable striped pants and combining it with your blazer visually improve your body proportion.

high waist skirts

Actually, there are many ways of wearing that you can use to make you look taller. The key is to try to make your body proportion perfect. All the high waist skirts and high-waist pants prefer our short women.











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