Tips of Wearing Striped T-shirts

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Classical fashion combination of black and white is the popular wearing in the fashion fields all the time. No matter how time passes, they will never be old-fashioned. Instead, in whatever times you wear, they can surely show you delicate and decent looking that you want. As for the most popular and outstanding representative of the combination of black and white, it is easy for you to remind these striped clothes. Simple and neat striped wearing can help you who are filled with obvious and unique temperament show your energetic and vivid impression. Loose striped T-shirt, comfortable and soft, is very suitable for you to wear in cozy cool time. Then, how to show your fashion looking in the right time?

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Some people think that cross striped T-shirts are only suitable for these people who have perfect figure since plump people would show an even stronger and plump impression. However, no matter who you are, you can also show the slim and fit impression that you want. Here are your benefits.

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Striped short T-shirts and black bubble skirts, showing your sexy shoulder, make you look fresh and slim. It is very unique for you to wear diagonal stripes. Black grid bubble skirts are your best choice to cover your plump thigh and hip. A pair of high heeled shoes can lengthen your body proportion.

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Wearing harem pants is the most important way for you to solve the problem, plump lower part. In addition, you can make advantage of striped shirts to transfer people’s attentions. Short patterned wearing shortens proportion of your upper part, making you look even charming and alluring.

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There is no doubt that dark colors can show you much slimmer and fitter impression than the light colored one. Romper Pants in dark colors can cover your stomach, making it looked flat. Striped shirts are delicate and pert for you to wear. Besides, backpacks help you show the preppy style impression.

Loose Striped T-shirtLoose Striped T-shirt

Loose Striped T-shirtLoose Striped T-shirt

Loose Striped T-shirtLoose Striped T-shirt

More than that, to be matched with individual denim shorts is also a good choice for you. Cool, fresh, simple and chic impression will show you the favorable and satisfied looking!

Loose Striped T-shirt Loose Striped T-shirt Loose Striped T-shirt

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