Top Fashion Ideas this Summer

In summer, you only have two objectives when it comes to your choice of fashion: freedom and shine. When you look to top fashion houses for inspiration, you’re always limited by the high end cost. However, most people forget that simplicity can also be elegant and stylish. The ideas proposed here cut across the population. Forget runway models. Here, you’re assured of getting inspiration no matter your size or shape.

  1. Long Bright Dresses

In this case you have dozens of options. The idea here is to go a little retro and reserved but still appear chic and trendy. For instance, bohemian summer dresses have for a long time been a source of inspiration for fresh ideas. These dresses are perfect for summer because they are free and perfect for short or long walks outdoors. You could add some spice by going for a long floral dress with a low or high cut slit. The choice remains yours. Long dresses tend to cover much. This denies you the chance of showing off shapely legs. You can even go a little higher to show off a bit of your hips. Go for shades that compliment your mood and ambiance when it comes to color. For instance, you can go all white and bright for a perfect beach wear.

 bohemian summer dresses

  1. Floral Urban Wear

Long dresses might not be very efficient to walk in on the streets of a busy city in summer. You definitely need something short. This is why I propose floral  dress short this summer. With fashion a little twist can give you huge returns. For instance, a touch of nature evokes a fresh taste in an urban set up. Short floral round dresses are your best pick in this case. Again, you can add a little spice by going for a bare back or shoulderless dress. Look for those parts of your body that you really feel good about. Then go ahead and look for short floral dresses that allow you to show off.

floral dress short

  1. Summer Print Dresses

Here you focus on the nature of print and then play around with a variety of designs. You have a variety to choose from. Here are some ideas: cat print dresses, leopard print dresses- geometric print dresses, owl print dresses.There are print dresses for virtually all occasions. When it comes to summer going bold, wild, and beautiful will make you stand out. Go for colors that compliment summer mood. Always remember to incorporate an element of surprise. For instance, you can choose a unique black cat print summer dress instead of the conventional brighter shades.

cat print dresses

Print dresses give you numerous options. You can go long with double slit on the sides and accessorize with high boots and a summer hat. You can also opt for top fitting low round short print dress. You can even go oriental with print silk dress adorned with eastern colors. Talking about colors, these dresses give you the wildest options. You can opt for unique color combinations and still look chic.


These are just ideas. You will need some adventure if you really want to stand out in an elegant way this summer.


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