All the Trends of Women Dresses in 2018

After months of winter drowned under layers of sweaters, tight in jeans and feet locked in ankle boots, we only dream of one thing: to spend the summer time at the fullest, even if we lose an hour of sleep. With an elegance often on the skin, the summer outfits, with chimeric connotation, is reinterpreted in this 2018 season with lace, transparency, lamée and asymmetrical cuts. Debriefing.

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Fashion is simple for those who accept their femininity: just put on a dress. Culminating at the top of the sensual on high heels or virile presence stuck under a jacket, the dress is – and will remain – the uniform of the modern woman, freed from all complex.

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It’s soon spring, then summer. The return of the sun and with him, that of the little dresses. Here you will find all you need to know about the new fashion trends of the summer especially on the cheap dresses for summer. From the black dress to the white dress, from the long dress to the short dress, we decipher and select, for you, the models that will make your summer. Frankly, what more can you ask for?

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The bohemian dress

Great classic of the summer wardrobe, the so-called bohemian dress, shows elegance. The aerial materials, so refined, are glorified with floral motifs, embellishments embroidered with glitter veil satin, silk, lace.  Just as the precious colors (yellow gold, ruby-red, imperial blue, etc.) weave a romanticism that creeps into all-over: minute embroidery, floral ornaments, mother-of-pearl sticks, XXL pearls.

The slip-dress

Iconic trend of the 90s, and introduced by the wonder model of the time – like Kate Moss , Naomi Campbell or Cindy Crawford – the slip-dress, looking like a nightie,operates a masterful return on parades spring-summer (Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Burberry Prosum) and therefore, inevitably, in the locker room of stylish girls.

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The graphic dress

Flamboyant elegance or austere chic, the graphic dress has the eager desire to unveil the body’s anatomy via geometrically shaped cut-out games, thus cultivating a fierce, if not insolent, femininity. Sexy without being vulgar. For a highly desirable silhouette but in a total break with the simplicity of “daywear”.

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The little dress

Adept of a substantial and refined fashion, the little dress which is not only black – is one of the most popular pieces of the season. A mini length, therefore, often tempered by clean cuts and neutral shades, for a look certainly glamorous.

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The lamée dress

To shine this summer, sparkling dresses from the ultra-bright aesthetics of Lanvin, Isabel Marant and Nina Ricci fashion shows. Leather-like aluminum, metallic satin and sequined embroidery outline a ball-like effect with disco intonations. Resolutely brilliant.

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