Vintage Queen: Celebrities Who Love Vintage Style

One of the traits that define being beautiful and famous, is an impressive sense of fashion. The reasons for this is quite obvious as the lives of celebrities are literally run in front of cameras, whether they want it or not. Therefore, wanting to always appear glamorous isn’t a choice but a sort of calling. One of the many ways beauty queens have managed to achieve this over the years is through wearing vintage inspired dresses. For some inspiration, we got you a list of some of your favorite celebrities’ favorite vintage look.

Kate Moss’s Christian Dior Gown Vintage Look

The all-smooth perfectly fitting golden gown is undoubtedly captivating, especially with the stretching floor sweeping tail at its back. She paired it with open high-heeled golden sandals and a mini classic black purse.

vintage inspired dresses

Kate Bosworth’s One-Off Hollywood Vintage Gown

Black has always been the classic look. The beauty queen proudly displayed her curves in this floor-sweepin black gown, which spelled eloquence. And with a little bit of skin showing through the net blouse design, nothing was left to chance.

vintage inspired dresses

Rihanna’s Chanel Jewellery and Sunglasses Vintage look

Rihanna’s fashion style has always been full of surprises. You can expect to see her in literally anything including vintage inspired dresses. In this look, she pulls a massive golden neck piece, with a gun design. Her classic big black sunglasses also tend to speak volumes. And when you think you’ve seen it all, there comes the golden-chained bag to complete the look. Totally, inspiring!

vintage inspired dresses

Chloe Sevigny’s Vintage Thierry Mugler Look

Well, there is no doubt that the secret of a beautiful dress is brought forth by a beautiful body. This look perfectly suits Chloe’s complexion and body-shape articulation. The pair of patent pumps shoes gives her the glowing look. She also at one point step-out beautifully showcasing a pair of vintage earrings and a matching brooch. And from the look of things, it seems like we should expect more of the vintage look from her.

vintage inspired dresses

Beyonce Knowles’ Chanel Jacket and Jewellery Vintage parade

Talking of Beyonce, the image of vintage-inspired dresses must have probably crossed your mind; she’s that fashionable! Everything seems to look good on her including the pink Chanel jacket she wore with rugged mini-jeans shorts, on one of her out and about escapades. She polished the look with a hunk of golden neckpieces and earrings.

vintage inspired dresses

Well, if you still had a doubt that old is still golden, then we hope you find some inspiration from this article to try out something new, today! For vintage clothing, please check this page.


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