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floral print dress

In the printed floral world, it seems that vintage styles have been added into this special and enchanting pattern. Is it looked perfect with its distinctive and charismatic features? It is true indeed. Elegant and fresh printed flowers, combined with vintage feeling, will surely give you an extraordinarily good feeling. In the same time, vintage decorations have played an important role in floral clothing which is the highlight of the whole impression and give you a diverse attractive appearance. Do you feel good when you have the wearing experience of floral and vintage feeling in the same time? I deem that most of girls and ladies would be curious and expected for this cloth wearing. More than that, I suggest that you would never miss floral print dress if you have a printed floral complex. Or if you have not so familiar with these floral patterns, I deem that you will fall in love with this elegant and feminine feeling after you have gone through a wonderful flower journey.

floral print dressfloral print dressfloral print dressvintage clothingvintage clothing

As for vintage style, the first word that flashes through my mind is the Baroque style, which is one of the main consisted elements of retro style. In modern times, classicalism has suffused every corner of fashion stage. The design of decorations surely pays more attentions to Baroque style with strong ornamental sense. Irregular twined luxuriant diamond necklace and heart shape with strong romantic temperament shine its translucent and crystal brilliant rays. The unique point lies in the perfect-cut shape which shows you luxurious and charming temperament. The Baroque period symbolizes an advanced splendid times, decorations such as leather, brocade, silk ribbons, buttons, embroideries and jewelries as well as these printed floral patterns can show you strong vintage atmosphere in every small details. Although the mixture style is a kind of subdued splendor, they have shown you a simple and elegant feeling. From the past till now, baroque style have been recognized as one of the greatest art styles in Europe. The most significant point is that floral pattern combined with vintage style that spreads up to now will be one of the best choices in today’s retro wearing for you.

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vintage clothing


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