Wardrobe for Weekends丨Ten Cool Styles in Summer

Weekends are such a wonderful and comfort for office people who have worked hard and tired for whole five days. If you are lucky and don’t need to go to work on either Saturday or Sunday, it will be much greater. How expected office people would be for the coming of these days in every week! To make advantage of this leisure times, you can do whatever you want to relax yourself and enjoy good weekends.

Even though you have got totally relaxation in this time, you still need to think about styles and dressing-ups on weekends seriously. Undoubtedly, it can make you feel much better. Just open your wardrobe to see what you have now!

In summer, how can you lack in womens fashion clothing in light color? I believe that all of you are smart. Let me show you in details one by one in the following.

summer fresh style

You know, vintage style is continuing its popularity. High waist, crop tops, wide-legs are all the highlighting wears for you to show retro looks.

summer fresh stylesummer fresh stylesummer fresh style

Wearing grid printed clothes can make you show the young and energetic looks. However, in this summer, you can see that grid wearing looks somewhat wild and cool atmosphere.

summer fresh style summer fresh style

As for floral printed patterns, it is said that they are the essential wearing for sailing and summer vacation. Filled with romantic and sweet feeling, floral prints are certainly suitable for you to show variety of summer impressions.

summer fresh style summer fresh style summer fresh style

In addition to that, the simplest and commonest wearing in summer, white dresses, are the basic wearing for you to show cool and fresh appearances.

summer fresh style

Ok, not to say too much. Ten fashion celebrities’ street snaps show you good examples of the simplest dressing-ups now!


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