Ways to Wear Super Short Skirts without Tights

Are you looking forward to wearing a micro-mini dress, but are worried about revealing too much or even worse – flashing your underwear? Often, the go-to style is usually just to put on a pair of opaque tights. But frankly,,, who wants to wear tights when it’s sunny. Here are ways to wear short tight skirts without having to cover your legs;short tight skirts

Layer your mini under something sheer – layer a short skirt under a sheer skirt or dress the same manner in which you would layer a camisole or even a long-line bra under a sheer top.

Go for more of a menswear-inspired look – wear your short skirt with a blazer or maybe a sporty T or a collared shirt, untucked in that a little piece of the skirt sticks out underneath. This look will be sexy, and the general tomboy-ness of it will make your short skirt look and feel more casual and also down-to-earth.

Wear your short tight skirt with a long jacket – do you feel that after you wear a short skirt, your big butt might slip out of the bottom of your skirt? Just put on a long jacket, maybe a lightweight cotton trench coat, and ensure that you open it so that you can still show off your legs from the front while being covered from the back.

short tight skirts

Wear your short skirt with a bodysuit – let’s be honest, flashing the bottom of a bodysuit and flashing your actual underwear are two very different things. So, maybe you should consider wearing a body underneath your short skirt. However, if you are still feeling anxious about the level of tush exposure, just know that you can always replace your skirt with a fuller skirt.

Wear the skirt with casual flats – wearing flat booties or sneakers are great for downplaying an aggressively short skirt. And this is particularly so when it is styled with other casual pieces such as denim jackets and T-shirts.

short tight skirts

Put on a miniskirt over a shirtdress – just ensure that your short skirt is thick enough that fabric wrinkles on the underneath don’t reveal themselves.

To sum it all up, if you have always wanted to wear short skirts, but are always scared of how you will be perceived or showing off too much, there is always a way to wear them decently. Don’t give up on wearing short skirts. Pull one of these tricks and you will be just fine.


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