How to Wear a Bohemian Dress if You are Round?

Being round doesn’t mean you can not cope up with the latest trends. It’s high time to revise the belief that chubby girls can also rock the ongoing trends just with the right guidance and a shot of confidence. And if you question me the ongoing trends, then the Bohemian style is something that is trendy in summer.  It’s been common among the hippies who are known for their peaceful and free-spirited nature. Slim girls can easily wear this style to achieve the free casual feeling. However, is it also done easily for plus size women? My answer is yes. Follow us and you will know why. Here are some rules that help you wear the Bohemian style if you are round.

plus size bohemian dresses

First of all, you must take into consideration your size. Regardless of the fact that some bohemian dresses come in uniform sizes, you should know your size. This would help you pick a dress from a specific range of sizes. The dress of the right size can cover the shortness of your figure, making you feel comfortable and stylish.

plus size bohemian dresses

The second rule is to use a belt. Yes. Belts have been known to boost the confidence of women, especially on a dress. Remember that you’re trying to look beautiful with that dress, so you need to bring out some figure. However, you shouldn’t just pick any belt. I advise you to choose a slim belt that can boost your curve but not the wide belt that only leads to making your waist look bigger. Also, be sure to use a fashionable belt. For example, you can pick a bohemian wooden colored belt that will make you look great. So, you’re already feeling that confidence coming on, right? You’d also wish you could look slim in that dress.

plus size bohemian dresses

Patterns and designs of clothing contribute to the perspective of how you see yourself. So here’s the trick if you want to look a bit slimmer. Go for V-neck plus size bohemian dresses that will make you look slimmer and more gorgeous. What this does is that it narrows your torso giving you a slender image. It gives you a slender illusion of yourself. Now, that’s the way to rock that bohemian dress.

plus size bohemian dresses

Finally, the bohemian accessory is the key to boost your bohemian style look, which brings out the beauty of the bohemian dress you’re wearing. You can accessorize with a nice neck or hand beads, a straw hat and flat leather brown sandals. Looks good, right? You could wear that lovely pendant over your bohemian dress. You’re ready and definitely set to go.

plus size bohemian dresses

Bohemian dresses can be worn for many different occasions because they’re simple and very comfortable to wear. Being plus size doesn’t stop you from rocking that look too. You just need to kick it up a notch with these simple rules to look gorgeous in that dress.




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