To Wear Out Cool Street Style by Casual Blouse

In order to be looked having long legs visually, the wearing forms of tucking shirts into pants is becoming more and more popular. Expect for avoiding the imperfect proportion of short figure, they can even show your slim waist. There is no doubt that they will show you the cool street style fashion impression. However, to tuck shirts into pants may not as easy as you think. It also contains some skills. Then, how to show tuck shirts in order to show the cool street style impression? I would like to show you some methods.

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The front tuck style shows you the formal business impression in the front and shows you the casual party impression at the back. This method can help you elevate waist curves in order to show the golden body proportion.

1. To choose a loose shirt that can show your casual style easily at first.

2. To tuck one side into belts at the middle position between hip and navel.

3. To pull two sides of clothes down in order to show a pendant feeling.

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The full tuck style can make you look even professional and formal that makes you deal with different kinds of occasions at ease.

1. You need an Oxford shirt in order to show the formal impression.

2. To tuck shirts totally in pants or skirts.

3. To put your hands up and let it has the most natural impression.

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To show the half tuck style by unclasp buttons to the waist part undoubtedly shows you the cool and casual impression.

1. To tuck whatever one side into pants.

2. To adjust the edge of shirts in order to make them look even casual and messy.

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These wearing ways are suitable for various kinds of shirts, even the mint green blouse in bright colors. They will surely show you the fashion, vivid, passionate and energetic impression.

Mint Green BlouseMint Green Blouse

In addition to that, the fashion wearing of buttoning up one button has become the focus in this season. They can surely show you the sexy, cool style indeed!

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womens fashion onlinewomens fashion online womens fashion online

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