What to Wear if You Have Strong Legs and Want to Look Fashionable

If you are athletic and you have strong muscular legs it is quite difficult to dress as stylishly as you would like because the fashion nowadays is oriented on skinny women. It is almost impossible for you to wear knee-high boots or skinny jeans. Granted, you may not be able to change the muscular legs that mother nature gave you (or you have gained as a result of working-out) but you can make them less noticeable and accentuate other parts of your body. Here are a few tips on how you can dress in a flattering way if you have strong muscular legs.

high waisted maxi skirt

1.Choose delicate fabrics and subtle patterns

Stripes, florals, polka dot prints will do the trick. Stick to fabrics that move: washed cotton, chiffon,  silk, and so on.

high waisted maxi skirt

2.Wear pointy shoes and nude color footwear

When you match the shoes to the color of your skin your legs look a few inches longer. Pointy toes make your legs look slimmer. You should avoid flat shoes and ankle straps that draw attention to your ankles and make your legs look larger.

high waisted maxi skirt

3.Draw attention to the top

This is an old trick: if you don’t want people to look at your legs make them look at your top. Wear dark skirts and pants and highlight your top half. Use prints on your shirts and wear bright accessories like jewelry and scarves. Accentuate your arms and shoulders with sloping necklines and shoulder-flattering tops.

high waisted maxi skirt

4.Wear a high waisted maxi skirt

A maxi skirt will cover your problem areas altogether. This is especially great since maxi skirts are in style and almost all brands nowadays present their high waisted maxi skirts that will cover your legs down to the ankles. Choose a light moving fabric for a maxi skirt.

high waisted maxi skirt

5.Opt for dark tights

If you wear dark shoes then dark tights will be a perfect match and will make your legs look more slender. Besides, if you wear a black skirt your legs will look even longer. Stay away from patterned or contrasting tights.

high waisted maxi skirt

6.Wear wide pants

The best option is solid dark pants that are not skinny. At all costs, you need to avoid capris or cropped pants because they draw attention to your ankles and make your legs look short and stumpy. Stay away from skinny jeans or try to find straight-leg versions. Sporty pants are also fine.

high waisted maxi skirt

And the main thing – be confident and proud of the muscles you have. Don’t believe Hollywood that dictates that everyone should look like a toothpick. This is simply not attractive! Love yourself and others will love looking at you no matter what you wear.



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