Wearing Tips Inspired by Meghan Markle

When it was revealed that Meghan Markle was dating Prince Harry, she became the subject of intense media scrutiny. Being in the spotlight meant that her every move was highlighted and there was nowhere to hide. However, she took it all in stride and has now become a trendsetter thanks to her flawless sense of style. Here are fashion tips that we can learn from her cheap dresses.

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Wear neutral colors

Her personal style relies on trendy yet sophisticated pieces, ones that the queen would approve. As such, she doesn’t rely on bright colors or patterns to make a bold statement. Rather, she prefers neutral colors and simple fabrics to make an impression. And that is something that you notice when you check out the simple but elegant dresses she likes to wear.

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Choose your style

As the royal family’s newest member, Meghan has begun wearing hats during formal daytime engagements. And she spent little time in finding a style that’s perfect for her. During Commonwealth Day, she spotted a beret while on Christmas Day she chose a round cap to compliment the structure of her face.

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Coordinate your colors

If you’re going out, you and your date can coordinate your colors. There’s nothing wrong in wearing coordinating outfits. For instance, if your man prefers wearing navy blue suits, you can choose cheap dresses that match his colors. That way, you both look in sync and no one overshadows the other.

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Flatter your silhouette

One staple in Meghan’s royal wardrobe is black trousers, especially ones having flattering silhouettes. High waist trousers with wide legs create a slimming effect and you can choose a top that you can tuck in to accentuate your waistline.

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Show some skin

You can show some skin but try and find a way to remain modest. Stylists will advise you to leave something to the imagination. For instance, you can wear an off-the-shoulder dress to remain trendy if you’re going to a function that requires the dress code to be smart.

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Add color

Even if you wear neutral colors, add some color to your outfit. For instance, if you’re wearing a black outfit, you can choose a colorful handbag to complete your style. A color palette is important to maintain, and you can choose Meghan’s style and include lots of navies, black, tan, brown, and forest green colors in your wardrobe.

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Final word

Comfort is very important if you want to look fashionable. Knitted fabrics are comfortable to wear while providing you with a chic style. For a daylong event, ensure that your shoes are not killing you. Lastly, always remember to dress with the weather in mind.







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