What Models Wear in Their Leisure Times?

Between two seasons, there is a period of times called transitional season. People generally think that it is the time not easy for you to wear the exactly right clothes. However, you still need outfits to cope with this embarrassing time. For the upcoming transitional period, models have shown us variety of answers to this fashion question in the street, in whatever occasions and temperatures. Let’s see what kinds of womens fashion clothing they have brought to us this time now.

Denim Coats

denim fashion

Denim shows us casual impression by matching with crew t-shirts and people would do accordingly in their leisure time. Whereas, if you want to improve your fashion looks, try to replace t-shirts with turtleneck tops. You will be looked dressing with high fashion.

Check Print Tops

check print tops

Loose-fitting tops going with flared pants as well as sandals show you the indolent and casual temperament. Walking in the bustling street, the obvious contrast can make you look more unique.

Yellowish Brown Trench Coats

yellowish brown trench coats

Trench coats are very cool and overwhelming! Matching with one-piece maxi black dresses shows you the simple but natural dressing-up. Elegant point-toe boots can make you look much slimmer and taller.

Basic Casual Dressing-up

basic casual style

If you want to show something new based on the commonest and the most classical collocation, grid printed shirts, denim jeans and double-breasted coats, try to add a pair of sunglasses and belts!

Suede Tops

suede tops

In transition that summer meets fall, you can’t even lack in such a symbolic wearing in this time. That is fashion clothing made by suede!

Star Printed Strap Maxi Dresses

star printed maxi dresses

Would you ever associate light and comfortable maxi dresses with warm sweaters. Instead of wearing sweaters in ordinary ways based on maxi dresses, to wear sweaters as a cappa, tying up on around shoulder can certainly make your eyes shine brightly.

Warm Leopard Coats

warm leopard coats

As for this leopard coat, the method of dressing-up is the same as the trench coats that I mentioned above. Wearing golden necklaces can show you more dignified and gorgeous feeling.

Colorful Striped Tops

colorful striped tops

To show casual and sporty street-style high fashion look, colorful striped tops, Bermuda shorts and a pair of high-top sneakers is the basic items that you should master for style this set.

Stratified Brown

stratified brown

Yellowish brown trench coats with delicate tailoring and neat style matching with scarves twisting around neck show you stratified impression filled with autumn aura.

Knitted Tops

knitted tops

Light pink knitted tops matching with pants with overall small dot prints as well as a pink grid print cross body bag show you the sweet and youthful looks.

Above is what models bring to you in this transitional time. Just MARK!


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