White and Gold, or Blue and Black? What Color Can You See?

In recent days, discussion about the color of one-piece dresses has aroused people’s widely attentions. Whether it is a blue and black one or it is the white and gold one has made the publicity divided into two groups who support point of views that is totally different. It all originates from the guy on Internet, Swiked, share this picture on Tumblr. The battle of what colors of this dress really is broke out instantly.

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Now, I would like to uncover the mysterious veils of this dress for you.

womens dresses

According to the ophthalmologist, he has said that it is natural for you to see both of these colors. Some specialists and scholars have said that those who can see blue and white have retina that is normal. While those who can see white and gold have a relatively weak ability on color conception. It makes so many people making jokes that they are the potential parachromatism. According to several medical experts, they have proved that it hasn’t much relation with hypochromatopsia and parachromatism.

womens dresses

A physics teacher has said that it may be influenced by the light to a great extent. Therefore, the color of this dress in the picture that you can see is not the true colors. It has mixed the light in the environment and its true colors.

At last, the 21-year-old singer, Caitlin McNeill, who has photographed and published this picture, has said that this dress is exactly blue and black in real life.

womens dresses womens dresses

Such an interesting question aroused thousands of comments and opinions. It has also brought more opportunities to shoppers. It makes this dress become the popular and hot sold item on Internet at once. Some people have said that they are going to push out new dresses with the same style in white and gold.

Just get it now!

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