Who Have Ever Said that Fatty Can’t Be Fashionable? Fashion Bloggers Will Survive You!

Do you particularly desire for fashion dressing-ups but having thick legs and waist? It doesn’t matter and you shouldn’t always focus on those who have long legs and slim waists. You can also show out exclusive beauty. I have collected several fashion bloggers who are plus-size for you. I just want to tell you that you can be as beautiful and fashionable as others! Just come and have a look together with me now!

1. Nadia Aboulhosn

She love sexy style, particularly those with somewhat womanliness. She is very familiar with the popular high fashion and good at chic clothing collocations. She never feels shamed to show her figure out. She always encourages people by her own way.

Nadia Aboulhosn Nadia Aboulhosn Nadia Aboulhosn Nadia Aboulhosn Nadia Aboulhosn

2. Rochelle

The main character of her style is largely sexiness and colorfulness.

Rochelle Rochelle Rochelle

3. Nicolette Mason

She herself is a fashion editor. In her blog, you can get affairs happened in fashion fields and guidelines for fashion shopping.

Nicolette Mason Nicolette Mason Nicolette Mason

4. Callie

She loves to try different styles on. Even though it is the comfortable home clothes, she can also wear out chic styles. In addition to that, she is also good at sexy party dressing-ups at night.

Callie Callie Callie Callie

5. Ragini Nag Rao

She is confident in herself, including her figure. You can see so many fashion items filled with vintage sense appear on her.

Ragini Nag Rao Ragini Nag Rao Ragini Nag Rao

6. Gabi Fresh

In her mind, she has many crazy and creative ideas about wearing and breaking regular rules of collocations. If you are a girl who doesn’t like others teaching you how to do, I am sure that she will be your favorite.

Gabi Fresh Gabi Fresh Gabi Fresh

Gabi FreshGabi Fresh Gabi Fresh

7. Liz

To you, her style may be fancy and whimsy. It can certainly make you look special and unique.


8. Chastity

She has made high fashion into practice in our daily life totally! Either dressing-ups of female stars in Red Carpets or fashion makeups in Fashion Weeks, she can make them all in our daily wearing skillfully.

Chastity Chastity Chastity Chastity

9. Danielle Vanier

She loves using bright and vivid colors to decorate her blog. If you love floral prints, funny and individual accessories as well, just follow her!

Danielle VanierDanielle VanierDanielle VanierDanielle Vanier

10. Franceta Johnson

Although she doesn’t dress herself up with too many gorgeous clothes, what she shows is the unique personality that is not deliberately.

Franceta Johnson Franceta Johnson Franceta Johnson Franceta Johnson

11. Jay Miranda

Fashion, lifestyle and the latest fashion trend are main she shows. Her style is really elegant filled with her love toward fashion.

Jay Miranda Jay Miranda Jay Miranda

12. Shainna aka Shay

If you love elegant dressing-ups, then her style will be your guide. Don’t miss information she has shared with you.

Shainna aka Shay Shainna aka Shay Shainna aka Shay

13. Tanesha Awasthi

You can know where the clothing inspirations come. You can also find some useful tips and everything related to fashion.

Tanesha AwasthiTanesha Awasthi

14. Kellie Brown

You can always get fresh and new information from her. She is good at variety of mix and match style. In addition to that, simple style dressing-ups and making advantages of accessories are what she skills in.

Kellie Brown

15. Georgette

She is adept at showing out fashion looks by clothes that you put at the bottom of wardrobes. That is really funny and amazing helping you save money.

Georgette Georgette Georgette

16. Hanna

Every collocation that she tries must be different. She is constantly developing her potential of wearing the same items repeatedly.


You can get plus size tops, plus size dresses and other plus size fashion items from online shops. Getting more inspirations from these fashion bloggers, I believe that you will be looked more beautiful and charming so that be more confident in the crowd.


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